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LED T8 2 bulb 4ft square wrap office fixture




Lighting Fixtures used for Communal Facilities This lighting fixture is environmental friendly.

The lighting fixture’s body is made of steel plate

without chromium.

There is lead-free wire in the lighting fixture.





















































Safety Caution

1.This lighting fixture is used in doors. Do not use it in damp and corrosive place.

2.This lighting fixture is used in doors. Do not use it in place with wind blowing.

3.Please use it while the environment temperature is -5~35℃. 4.When you turn on the light, make

sure the environment temperature is above -5℃. The light beam will be weaken and the life time will

P be shorten if the environment temperature is below -5℃.

5.Do not use it in the lampblack environment. The lampblack will

i make the lamp holder broken and the tube drop off.

c 6.Do not use other power supply voltage.

t 7.Make sure the power supply wire and ground wire are connected

u safely. If the ground wire has not been connected safely, it


r cause electric shock.

e 8.Make sure the spacing distance between two fixtures is more

than 10CM and the environment temperature is below 35℃.











































Precautions for use

Some machines of the monitoring system(precaution induction) will affect the cycle of inverter and

maybe cause malfunction. Please confirm with the monitoring system’s manufacturer before using.

Check 9












































way of














































(LED tube) single ended supply














































typ e











































Wrap Light (LED 2 Tubes) 7"*4′



































































































7 Ultra thin rocker switch Ratings up to 15A 250Vac 1 Twin 19.3*13.4
















































voltage V 100-277V



















































6 protective ring ∅20 1 PC

cycle 50/60Hz Confirm 5 terminal unit 20A 600V

3 UL certification











































































































body 22-gauge steel





















































1 white coating






















































tube T8 LED Tube






















































3 resin screw resin/steel 2 M4*18

Design 2 lamp holder PBT(G13 socket) 4 UL certification

Watts/Foot 40W/4′

1 reflecting board prismatic plastic cover 1 PS


























































Yi Shui

























































No. Name Material/Thickness quantity

























































weight 2.6 KG


























































2015 3D O Unit MM NO. 3 angle method



Low profile design for residential/office applications that requires a clean appearance.

Clear prismatic diffuser

Solid frame with center hook out wiring hole, 18" center screw holes to ceiling with plastic block, plus oval holes for easy hook up chain hanging.


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